Teaneck Junior Football League Inc

Revised January 2013

Article I ­ Title


This organization herein and hereafter shall be known as the Teaneck Junior Football League Inc. trading as TJFL Inc.

Article II ­ Headquarters


The principle headquarters of the TJFL shall be situated in the City of Teaneck, NJ in Bergen County.

Article III ­ Objectives


Teaching young people the fundamentals of football and cheerleading, and the importance of goal-setting, perseverance, and fair-play in overcoming life’s obstacles.


Article IV ­ Membership


Membership of the TJFL shall consist of each family whose child participates in the TJFL program, or an adult approved by the Executive Board, who is willing to actively participate in league functions.


All adult members shall be eligible to vote at the annual meeting held in February of each year.


A copy of the by­laws for public viewing on the TJFL website,, or a copy will be made available upon request.


A quorum at the annual meeting shall be one ­ third (1/3) of the voting membership.

Article V ­ Meetings

The regular meetings of the TJFL shall take place monthly between February and December, time to be determined, at the Rodda Center in Votee Park or at the Teaneck Public Library.


A special meeting may be called by the President whenever he/she may deem it necessary. A special meeting is defined as any meeting other than the 12 regular monthly meetings, excluding Executive Board meetings, which can be held at any time.


Special meeting notification must be in writing on the TJFL website or by email, seven (7) days in advance, wherever possible.

Article VI ­ Officers and Elections


  1.  The elected officers of the TJFL shall be President, 2 Vice Presidents,  Athletic Director, Treasurer and Secretary.
  2.  Terms shall be three (3) year.
  3.  These elected officers shall constitute the Executive Board.
  4.  The Board of Trustees shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  5.  The Board of Trustees shall be the sole custodian of all property and records of the


  1.  Shall approve all bills outside of and over (current or anticipated) budgeted cost center ordered paid.
  2.  Responsible for approving the annual budget and general supervision of the financial affairs of the TJFL.


Any member seeking an elective office must be a voting member of said organization. SECTION III:

  1. Nominations for officers can only be made from the floor by voting members during the annual meeting in February and with election to be held at the regular meeting in February or at the next scheduled meeting.
  2. Eligibility of nominees will be made by the Secretary before the vote takes place.
  3. Nominees must be present to accept the nomination.


  1. All elections held shall be governed by the majority or plurality vote of eligible members present Plurality being the largest number of votes obtained in a situation where three or more choices are possible.
  2. Voting method is by voice vote or ballot.
  3. When there is no contest, the Secretary shall cast one ballot for same.

Absentee voting, other than in elections, shall be permitted if said member is absent for illness, death in the family or other catastrophic reason which will be recognized by the President.


A write-in vote shall not be permitted at any election.


All officers and committee chairmen of the TJFL shall have their books, records, files, papers, etc. available at all times for inspection by the Board of Trustees. All officers upon expiration of their term of office, or from resigning from or upon dismissal from the TJFL shall turn over to their successors in office, or upon demand of this organization, all money,

books, records, files, papers or any other matter in their possession which is or may be considered the property of the TJFL.

Article VII ­ Duties of Officers

SECTION I: President

  1. Have the power to call monthly meetings and to conduct the meeting in accordance with these by­laws and parliamentary procedure by Roberts Rules of order.
  2. Shall preside over all meetings and enforce the strict observance of the by­laws.
  3. Advise this organization in its works and proceedings.
  4. See that all officers perform their respective duties.
  5. Decide question of order
  6. Sit as judge and declare the results of all elections.
  7. Appoint all committee chairmen.
  8. Sign all orders
  9. Countersign all checks for new Football Helmets and Pads, Cheer Uniforms, Building or Equipment and any discretionary spend > $500
  10. Sign all legal documents of the TJFL. i.e. insurance policies, licenses, etc.
  11. Call upon any member for aid or assistance.
  12. The President does not vote unless the vote is by ballot. In case of a tie, the President can only vote in the affirmative to change the outcome.
  13. Responsible for managing (Income/Expense) and administering the General Administration Budget

SECTION II: Vice ­ Presidents

  1. In absence of the President, the Vice-Presidents serves in his/her place and assumes all Presidential duties.
  2. If the President vacates his/her chair the Vice President shall assume his position.
  3.  Should any vacancy exist in the office of the Vice­President, for any cause, the unexpired term shall be filled by appointment by the President, with the approval of remaining officers, until the next annual election of officers.
  4. Responsible for managing (Income/Expense) and administering the Snack Bar Budget.

SECTION III: Treasurer

  1. To collect all monies and deposit same in the bank approved by the Teaneck Junior Football League.
  2. He/she shall pay no money except on an order or direction by the President.
  3. All payments shall be made by check.
  4. He/she shall keep an accurate record of all money received and paid.
  5. Have all accounts ready for settlement in the month of January of each year.
  6. He/she shall at the expiration of his / her term of office, deliver to his/her successor or other designated person by the elected officer’s property belonging to the TJFL.
  7. Perform other such financial duties as prescribed by this organization.
  8. An annual audit shall be conducted by an independent auditor as directed by the Executive Board.
  9. Shall audit Budget Owners as defined under Article VII and ensure budgets are administered and executed as per plan.

SECTION IV: Secretary

  1. Record the minutes of all regular meetings.
  2. Make the minutes and organizational documents available to members at reasonable times and places.
  3. Maintain current, accurate copies of all organizational documents.
  4. Maintain a roster of voting members.
  5. Call the roll when required.
  6. Shall be in charge of “sunshine” duties.
  7. In the absence of the secretary, the President shall designate another board member to record the minutes.
  8. At the expiration of his/her term of office, shall deliver to his / her successor or other designated person, all property, records and correspondence belonging to the TJFL in his/her possession.

SECTION  V: Athletic Director

  1. Shall schedule and supervise football team practices.
  2. He/she shall strictly enforce and adhere to the objectives of the TJFL as listed in Article III.
  3. Coordinate all phases of the program with the approval of the Board of Trustees.
  4. Schedule the football games and officials and may register each of the team’s candidates.
  5. Ensure that all coaches possess an NYSCA certification or the equivalent thereof.
  6. Ensure that each team has a minimum of two (2) coaches.  (maximum set by North Jersey Youth Football League)
  7. Shall appoint coaches with the approval of the Executive Board.
  8. Shall dismiss, with the approval of the Executive Board, any coach who purposely or knowingly violates these by­laws.
  9. Responsible for managing (Income/Expense) and administering the Football Budget
Article VIII ­ Special Advisors


  1. The Special Advisors will advise the Board of Trustees on matters involving major purchases, all matters of finance and compliance with federal and NJ tax rules.
  2. The Executive Board shall have the authority to appoint any committee with a chairman for the operation of any activity.
Article IX ­ Standing Committees


  1.  Equipment Committee
  2. The committee shall be headed by a chairperson appointed by the newly elected President at the regular meeting of the new fiscal year.
  3. The equipment committee shall submit an estimated annual budget to the finance committee for new equipment needed with the recommendations from the Football Director and/or Cheerleading Director. They shall store, maintain and issue all equipment and keep current inventory of same.


  1.  Snack Bar Committee
  2. The committee shall be headed by a chairperson appointed by the newly elected President at the regular meeting in January of the new fiscal year.
  3. The committee shall be responsible for the maintenance and functioning of the snack bar during the said football and cheerleading season.
  4. Security of said snack bar is the responsibility of the snack bar chairperson.


  1.  Finance Committee
  2. The committee shall be headed by a chairperson appointed by the newly elected President at the regular meeting in January of the new fiscal year.
  3. It will be charged with the responsibility for preparation of an estimated budget and recommendation of expenditures.
  4. At the regular meeting in the month of the Executive Board’s choice, to be announced on month prior, an estimated budget shall be submitted by the committee showing anticipated income and estimated expenditures for the coming year which will be open for discussion. Necessary changes shall be made and put to a vote at the meeting no later than July of that fiscal year.
  5. The expenditures will be listed on the budget in order of priority established by the Executive Board upon recommendation of the committee due to the fact, if income is not achieved, the lesser important items can be considered at a later date.
  6. Any emergency deviation from the budget shall be made with the recommendation of the Executive Board and the approval of at least one (1) member of the finance committee.
  7. All monies collected will be turned over to the Treasurer for deposit in the bank approved by the TJFL. At each monthly meeting, a financial report will be made available to the members attending the meeting showing actual figures. This report will be prepared by the treasurer.
  8. Special meetings of the finance committee may be set up by the President and/or Treasurer as he/she deems it necessary.


  1.  Fundraising Committee
  2. The committee shall be headed by a chairperson appointed by the newly elected President at the regular meeting in January of the new fiscal year.
  3. It will be charged with the responsibility of making a recommendation for fundraising to the Executive Board.
  4. The committee will oversee all fundraising activities.
  5. Shall submit estimated costs and expected profit for approval by the Executive Board.
Article X ­ Order of Business
  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Reading and approval of minutes
  3. Treasurer’s report
  4. Reading of communications
  5. Reports and their disposal
  6. Unfinished business
  7. New business
  8. Announcements
  9. Programs
  10. Anything for the good  of the organization
  11. Adjournment
Article XI ­ Participation ­ Football Teams


  1. Participation shall be extended to youths of the age and weight specifications determined by the North Jersey Pop Warner Football League.
  2. Requirements:
  3. All football players must have a physical examination from the current year and be declared physically sound by providing a signed statement by a physician.
  4. All football players must submit a signed consent by his/her parent/legal guardian.
  5. All football players must initially submit a birth certificate.
Article XII ­ Instructional Teams


All instructional team(s) may be formed upon recommendation of the athletic director. They will be under the control of the athletic director or his representative.

Article XIII ­ Pre and Post Season Activities ­ Football


All pre and post season activities shall be directed by the Executive Board and supervised by the Athletic Director.

Article XIV ­ Participation ­ Cheerleading Squads


  1. Membership shall be extended to all youth of the same age limits as the youth on the football teams.
  2. Requirements:
  3. All cheerleaders must have a physical examination from the current year and be declared physically sound by providing a signed statement by a physician.
Article XV ­ Pre and Post Season Activities ­ Cheerleading


All pre and post season activities shall be directed by the Executive Board and supervised by the Cheerleading Director.

Article XVI ­ Grievances


  1.  Any member of the organization that has a grievance should submit it in writing to any Board member or appropriate official.
  2. All grievances will be resolved by the Executive Board or other appropriate officials.
  3. Disciplinary action involving a suspension of a football player or cheerleader for more than one game must be approved by the Executive Board.
Article VII ­ Amendments, Repeals, etc.


  1. The Constitution and By-Laws of the TJFL can be amended or repealed upon two (2) readings of suggested amendment or repeal at consecutive regular meetings with a vote to take place at a third meeting. All proposed amendments or repeals by the membership are to be made during the months of January through June, with June being the last month to receive any proposals. This allows a six (6) month  window of opportunity for any changes to be made and allows the start of the Football and Cheerleading season along with nominations and elections of officers to be constituted