All  equipment and uniforms issued by the Teaneck Junior Football League Inc. are  the property of the organization.  The equipment and uniforms  are “loaned” to tackle football, cheer and flag football athletes for the purpose of participating in Teaneck Pop Warner football.  Any unauthorized use of this equipment may result in an athlete’s dismissal from the team.

Tackle football players must provide their own hard athletic cup, cleats (no metal, no screw‐ins), and spare mouth guards, while flag football players provide cleats and must purchase a “soft” protective cup, available at the Teaneck Pop Warner registration desk for $4.  Cheer athletes must provide their own white cheer shoes & white shell top. DISCOUNT COUPONS

Teaneck Pop Warner provide the rest of the necessary uniforms and equipment. ‘ families  are responsible for its proper care and timely return at the end of the season, usually in November. If you leave the Teaneck Pop Warner program early, you must return your equipment within 48 hours of your last day with the program. If you do not return any or all of your equipment within the required timeframe, you will be billed.

Cheer athletes receive:

  • game uniform top
  • game uniform skirt
  • use of professional pompoms

Tackle Football athletes receive:

  • helmet and chinstrap
  • basic mouth guard
  • shoulder pads
  • belt
  • 5-piece pad set girdle or individual pads
  • practice pants or practice pants with incorporated pad set
  • practice jersey
  • game jersey and pants


Flag athletes receive:

  • practice jersey
  • basic mouth guard
  • game jersey
  • game pants

Replacement costs range from $25 ‐ $550.  The equipment will remain the property of Teaneck Pop Warner.  Late returns may be subject to a $100 deposit on next year’s equipment.

Athlete’s must provide their own white cheer shoes, athletic cup, cleats (no metal, no screw‐ins), and spare mouth guards.