All TJFL student-athletes and listed volunteers are covered under TJFL’s insurance policy through Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc.

The player’s parents’ insurance policy is considered primary.TJFL’s insurance will become primary if the parents do not have insurance for participation-related injuries.

Payment Policy

Teaneck Pop Warner encourages all our families to pay their registration fees online.  The preferred method of payment is by credit or debit card from a bank, credit union or financial institution. This method of payment is fast, easy and most importantly SECURE!  It also provides a convenient method for families to document and track their payments online, and offers the added benefit of a monthly payment plan.
 For those families unable or unwilling to pay by credit or debit card, TJFL’s online registration system also accepts pre-loaded Visa cards.  They can be obtained for FREE from TD bank. They cost $4 at PNC, Well Fargo and US Bank and are also available at many retailers, like CVS,   Target, Walgreen’s and 7-11.  (NOTE:  Pre-loaded Visa cards cost the same as a Money Order and less than a Cashiers Check).
For families who wish to pay by check, Teaneck Pop Warner’s online registration system will offer a pay-by-check option beginning June 1.  However, payment must be by cashier’s check or money order.  No cash or personal checks.
Payment must be accompanied by proof of an online profile.
See How to Register on the main website page.